As an autistic teen, I have developed the skills to identify when my emotions are starting to become intense, this allows me to regulate my emotions before triggering a meltdown.

Summer Farrelly, one of our A List Ambassadors describes how they have learnt to identify when their emotions are building and they’re heading for a melt down.

Self-regulation relies on my ability to recognise the emotion or feeling. Sometimes, a situation can produce multiple feelings at the same time, this response can be confusing and cause my emotions to escalate and intensify.

I started to notice a pattern with each emotion, I started to pair the physical feeling or body signal with the emotion I was feeling.

For example, when I feel anxious, my heart beats faster, I feel sweaty, my stomach feels strange, and my breathing is difficult.

Self-awareness has helped me explore a series of self-regulation techniques and strategies through a process of trial and error.

Strategies and techniques used to self-regulate are very individual. I find removing myself from the situation and then find a quiet space helpful, by allowing me to refocus and gather clarity.

Helpful Tips

To identify meltdown triggers, ask yourself what happened leading up to the meltdown?

What happened after?

Look for possible patterns to help identify a location or situation.

If a trigger is identified, put strategies into place to minimise the likelihood of a recurring meltdown

When accessing public spaces take note of where quiet spaces are located, just in case you need it.

Summer x

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