Sometimes, I do struggle a lot with having self-worth and positively viewing myself. Often the perfectionist, I do have high expectations as the golden benchmark, then wonder why I am disappointed heavily. For instance, with my Alice blog, I thought I would have at least one thousand followers by now, but currently, I have ninety-eight. Yet, I have to remind myself daily that I am worthy, my life is worthy, and my advocacy career is a worthy venture.

Positively, the following four strategies help me on days when I need my inner life coach to say, ‘you can do this!’. These suggestions might help you too.

  • Work towards a goal that I have personally created. For example, I worked hard and had a lot of lessons to get my provisional license. Even though it took me multiple tests to get my license, I now have it.
  • Focus on what I can do at the moment. For instance, when I was not feeling well the other day due to a medicine-induced panic attack, I knew it was important for me to drink a lot of water, and to snuggle under my weighted blanket for calming sensory and security reasons. Trusting myself in this scenario was very useful because maybe no one would have known to throw a blanket on me, except me.
  • Don’t compare me to others. To illustrate, when I was on Instagram I came across a friend’s profile and saw she had a fantastic time out with friends, I was jealous, and I felt down. Getting my account hacked was a blessing as it made me appreciate the fact that I don’t need Instagram because it will just give me FOMO, or fear of missing out.
  • Take some deep breaths and do a mindful activity. Such as the other day I was blogging a lot and I needed headspace. This was due to technology-based sensory overwhelm, and I needed to get a bigger picture and thus a reality check, so going for a brief walk; looking at the pretty flowers, and feeling the sun on my face was helpful and grounding.

Can you add any more to the list?


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