I am able to connect better when there is common ground

Summer Farrelly, one of our A List Ambassadors talks about social activities vs being social.

Having a common interest means I can focus on enjoying myself rather than be consumed with anxiety, with a brain jammed with self talk.

I am often asked how can parents and carers help their autistic teen feel more confident around peers.

I think sometimes there is too much focus finding friends.

I think there is too much focus on trying to fit in with peer groups.

I do not have friends my own age, I finding connecting with my peer group challenging because I do not have anything in common or share their interests.

I stopped focusing on making friends but rather looked for social activities that provided a space for like-minded interests and ideals.

Socialising with others who share the same interests is easier and connecting is more successful.

I was able to practice building my confidence in these social spaces.

I stopped focusing on group activities of my own age group.

I focused on meeting like minded people.

This photo of me and a chicken was taken at a community event.

We were all different ages but shared a love of animals.

Summer x

A cartoon picture of Summer and her chickens

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