It can be difficult to know when to say goodbye to a group of people – leaving without saying goodbye is not the solution!

We spoke about how there are 4 Levels of Communication.

Level 3 in Communication involves us making sure that our message has been received by the people/person we are speaking to.

Why is it important to say goodbye?

It’s expected. If you don’t, people will wonder why you just left and didn’t say goodbye and will assume that there was a negative reason that you didn’t say goodbye.

How to say goodbye

So, how can you be sure that a group of people know that you are saying goodbye? Here are some key tips:

  1. Speak at a volume so that you are certain that members of the group have heard you.
  2. Be clear with your choice of words
  3. Use your body language: make yourself seen – this might involve standing up, grabbing your bag, shaking your car keys.
  4. Signal to the group in stages:
    1. Get the attention of the group
    2. Say “goodbye”, “see ya”, “I’m off”
    3. Leave

EVERYBODY needs processing time, so the more signposting we give in advance, the more time it gives people to know what we are doing, our behaviour becomes predictable.

Recognise your positive autistic identity – recognise that you are a member of this group of people, and you have the right to be acknowledged (just like everyone else).

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