I saw the new Barbie movie the other day with a partner. The movie left me feeling empowered to be female and that I can do anything yet it was the stereotypical Barbie I still wanted to be. Tall, blonde, blue-eyed, white skin with a big bust. I still feel conflicted about the film, but I encourage anyone to see it as the film is different from the promotional material that is vomited all over social media and plastered on every major Australian clothing brand. But what Barbie also inspires within me is for me to be myself and I was able to do so.

My tips to be social your way include:

  • Find an interest that makes you be your very best: one of my interests, reignited is Barbie. I’m not buying into the hype and buying hot pink merchandise and going to a big blowout Barbie party in a club in the city, but I’m doing things my way. I plan to go to a small-scale trivia night with my friends that has a Barbie theme as just because I love Barbie doesn’t mean I need to become a sell-out like she is.
  • Don’t be afraid of going to the cinema by myself or with another person. There’s no shame in going with a plus-one and I enjoyed it better too. Sometimes I have lost my friends in the cinema and at least if I have only one other person it means I only have one person to worry about.
  • Know who you are deep in your heart: if you know what makes you happy, calm, excited, energetic, and inspired then do those things that make you feel good. I’m going to continue to go to small-scale events and meetups, not big fancy socials because I know I do better sensory-wise if I’m attending events that have a small number of people going and are in a smaller-sized location. I can’t get lost if I’m spending time together in someone’s living room.
  • If you need to talk it out then info dropping or dumping shouldn’t be shameful. In fact, I did a whole hour-long podcast episode on my own podcast about my thoughts and my plus one’s thoughts of the movie and our love, interest, lust, and feelings about Barbie. If you need to drop or dump information then find the right place and time to do so. For me, doing an episode was the perfect way to express myself.


– Suzanna Poredos

A List Socialite

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