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7-12, 13-17 years

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Perth WA, Australia

Everything you need to know

our short, simple, small, and affordable classes teach students how to make their own 2D hand-drawn animation.

tween animation is a school dedicated to teaching animation after school in perth, western australia. in fact, we are the only place in perth, wa. entirely dedicated to teaching 2D hand-drawn animation to teens after school.

students in our weekly classes will learn the basics of animation, and get to hands-on their own laptop/tablet (and use a bit of drawing skill too) to make their very own 2D hand-drawn animations!

our courses will teach students how to use animation software (provided by us), learn the 12 principles of animation, and animate a unique subject, plus even develop their drawing skills and creativity!

by the end of each class, students will have a short animated gif to take home, and hopefully be inspired to use their animating skills to express themselves, and even help others!

although anyone can join, this course is specifically designed for neurodiverse teenagers i.e. autism, ADHD, and etc.

tween animation classes only allow a small size of 10 students, are equipped with wobble stools and fidget toys to aid their attention, and are taught by an enthusiastic expert animator with industry experience who is autistic himself, plus an assistant tutor on stand-by to help.

all to ensure each and every student will get the support and attention they need in order to focus and achieve to their highest ability.

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