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Suitable for ages

7-12, 13-17, 18-24, 25+ years

Autism Friendly

Autism specific provider

Support Provided

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Sensory Considerations

  • May be some noise
  • May be some artificial lights
  • May be some contact with others

This event is held indoors


Melbourne VIC, Australia

Everything you need to know

Time 2 Train is a nationally, internationally recognised program for Autism, Health & Fitness, Wellbeing. Helping achieve better understanding and improvement of the overall functioning level for individuals living with ASD, Aspergers Syndrome.

Using fun exercise, movement activities and play to analyse and train all ages on the Autism Spectrum in the Time 2 Train Program, we provide feedback to parents through observation, physical performance and behavioural assessments.

Insight into you or your child’s fluency and balance in movement, co-ordination, concentration, confidence and cognitive capacity will empower you or your child to achieve better functionality in diverse environments in a more positive, proactive way.


8 week program – Suitable for all ages.

Develop a basic healthy understanding of skills for improved balance,co-ordination, confidence and overall functioning.


12 week program – Suitable for all ages.

Highly recommended integration package developing basic to advanced motor movements, increased confidence, emotional management and wellbeing.

Online Training Program 8 or 12 week program – Suitable for all ages.

Virtual training to support key development in motor skill, social emotional skills and further strategies to support loved ones on the spectrum including parents.

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