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Suitable for ages

7-12, 13-17 years

Autism Friendly

Mainstream - autism inclusive provider
NDIS Registered

Support Provided

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Sensory Considerations

  • May be some noise
  • May be some contact with others

This event is held indoors


296A Hay St, Leederville WA 6008, Australia

Everything you need to know

Public Speaking for Kids 7-15 yrs

The beginners Public Speaking Course for Kids is a series of weekly workshops which equip children with the skills and knowledge to be able to deliver their message with impact.

Children are encouraged to talk about a topic they are passionate about, making the task easier while allowing their passion to shine. They build confidence in performing in public and in their ability to memorise and deliver a talk. Moreover, the sessions are fun and relaxed, so children feel safe to learn, experiment, express and enjoy the course.

Through games, activities and lessons, children will learn about, practise and develop:

Vocal tips, tricks and techniques and warm-ups
Body language basics
Reading an audience
Presentation techniques
Messaging through stories
Building confidence
Abdominal breathing
Managing nervousness
Body-brain feedback loop–triggering positive emotion and inner feelings of confidence through body and voice
First impressions

The beginners’ course sets the foundations, teaching simple concepts grounded in science.

The course is suitable for children who are introverted, shy, or those with anxiety, issues with confidence, etc. We provide an environment where they feel safe to learn and develop–even if they don’t want to speak in public. The knowledge and skills learned will be a valuable in other areas of their life, helping them to become better and more confident communicators.

Participants will be able to attend future courses, where they build on what they have learned, to enable them to further grow in confidence and develop into mature and well-rounded young adults.

Cost – $360

4pm – 5:15pm

2, 9, 16, 23, Feb
1, 8, 15, 22 Mar

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