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Everything you need to know

In weekly 90-minute online small group sessions, teens/young adults are taught important social skills and given the opportunity to practise these skills during socialisation activities in the session.

Parents/caregivers attend online 60-minute weekly small group sessions separately to their teens/young adults and are taught how to become a social coach for their teen/young adult to support them in practicing their new skills at home, coaching them during their weekly socialisation homework assignments and providing feedback.

Sessions are relaxed & fun whilst using evidence-based teaching methods …

* Small group (6-12 participants)

* Safe environment where everyone finds success

* Didactic instruction (concrete easy to follow rules & steps)

* Socratic questioning method (a question/answer dialogue to draw out ideas)

* Teaches ecologically valid skills (skills that socially successful people use)

* Correct/Incorrect role play examples

* Role-playing and modelling practice of correct skills (behaviourial rehearsal)

* Perspective-taking questions targeting social cognition

* Social coaching from both course facilitators & parent(s)/carer(s)

* Homework exercises (with parent/carer assistance)

* Each session builds upon the previous week

Teens/Young Adults learn how to …

  • Develop & maintain friendships
  • Improve conversational skills
  • Choose appropriate friends & find common interests
  • Appropriately use electronic forms of communication
  • Appropriately use humour & assess humour feedback
  • Start, enter & exit conversations between peers
  • Organise successful get-togethers with friends
  • Be a good sport when playing games and/or sports with friends
  • Handle arguments & disagreements with friends
  • Handle rejection, teasing, bullying, rumours/gossip & cyber bullying
  • Change an unwanted reputation
  • Dating Skills (Young Adults Program only)

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