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13-17, 18-24, 25+ years

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Sunshine Coast QLD, Australia

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PEERS® Social Skills Program for Adolescents and Young Adults
If your adolescent or young adult is experiencing social challenges, is having difficulties making or keeping friends and would like more social confidence – this may be the program you are looking for!

We help adolescents and young adults with autism, ADHD and other social challenges to make and keep friends and learn important social skills through relaxed, fun and inclusive small group sessions (maximum 6-10 participants per group), both online and in person.

Program Overview
Adolescents and young adults learn how to:
• Improve conversational skills
• Find and choose appropriate friends
• Start, enter and exit conversations with peers
• Appropriately use electronic communication
• Appropriately use humour and assess humour feedback
• Organise successful get-togethers with friends
• Be a good sport when playing games or sports with friends
• Handle arguments and disagreements with friends
• Change an unwanted reputation
• Handle rejection
• Handle direct bullying (teasing and physical bullying)
• Handle indirect bullying (cyberbullying, rumours and gossip).

The Young Adult Program also includes dating etiquette:
• Dating etiquette – Letting someone know you like them
• Dating etiquette – Asking someone on a date
• Dating etiquette – Going on dates
• Dating etiquette – Do’s and Don’ts

Suitable for Ages

13-17 years (Adolescent Program)

18-30 years (Young Adult Program)

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