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Skills Building, Social Groups

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13-17, 18-24 years

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Everything you need to know

Our Online program is about playing, making friendships and improving social skills.

In a PEERS session, participants engage in interactive activities to learn and practice essential social skills. They receive instruction, engage in role-playing exercises, and discuss their experiences. Participants also receive support from facilitators and may have homework assignments for real-life applications. The program emphasises building confidence, fostering connections, and involving parental involvement.

The PEERS program is evidence-based and uses a structured curriculum to teach social skills through didactic instruction, role-playing, and real-life practice. It covers a wide range of social skills, including making and keeping friends, initiating and maintaining conversations, managing disagreements, and handling peer rejection.

The program typically involves group sessions where participants learn and practice social skills in a supportive and structured environment. The curriculum also includes parental involvement, as parents are provided with training and coaching to support their child’s social development outside of the group sessions.