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Simms Rd, Briar Hill VIC 3088, Australia

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Happy Failures delivers improvisation classes to support people with their play, social and communication skills. Using games and techniques from improv theatre, we help participants have fun with each other, become more confident, and expand their creativity.

Students will overcome their fear of making mistakes through experiencing happy failures, which are beautiful moments that take place when something doesn’t quite go to plan but we embrace it and turn it into something great anyway.

Participants will embody the growth mindsetand resilience we often try to teach, but often have so much difficulty doing. Our workshops – though we might prefer to call them playshops – involve active mindfulness, and being present and in the moment.

Happy Failures welcomes students who are neurodiverse and may have additional learning needs. And if it’s someone who is already bright, bubbly, and bursting at the seams to hit the stage, then they’ll fit right in as well.

Participation in Happy Failures may be therapeutic, but not in an in-your-face kind of way. It’s open to all, as we all need to find better ways to live, laugh and get along with each other. Think of this as improv for humans, rather than for performance.

Kids workshops run on Thursdays 5-6pm during the school term at the Bianca Fenn School of Musicin Greensborough.

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