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Arts craft and music, Community, Health & Wellbeing, Outdoors, Skills Building, Social Groups, Therapies

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Suitable for ages

18-24, 25+ years

Autism Friendly

Disability (all) provider

Support Provided

High Support


Sensory Considerations

  • May be some noise
  • May be some artificial lights
  • May be some contact with others

We have some louder performance activities such as hand tap dancing and singing, and we play soft music throughout the day. If you would like a quiet spot, we have a sound proof meditation room to use at your leisure.

This event is held outdoors


11 Mentmore Ave, Rosebery NSW 2018, Australia

Everything you need to know

Our creative sessions include the Flower Project, where you learn to use a broad range of techniques and art mediums to create floral artworks, Clay Mates, where you experiment with pottery techniques and make unique bowls, plates, and vases for you to keep or sell at the Hub, and a relaxing collaborative weaving project.

We also offer movement and health sessions, delivered with the help of Maccabi Sport, including meditation, yoga, self-defence, volleyball, soccer, boxing, to help you keep active, clear the mind, and have fun as a team. Our music and performance sessions include tapping hands on boards to lively music, group singing lessons, and a rock choir.

The Pickle Project is our first of its kind social enterprise workshop, where participants learn how to pickle delicious fresh vegetables, package them, brand them in a personalised way, and sell them to our One&All community. For more health and environment options, we also have an outdoor urban vegetable garden, where you learn gardening techniques in the sunshine, and a healthy living and nutrition session.

We’re excited to soon be opening on Wednesdays at the Hub! We’ve created a waitlist while we prepare so feel free to join here now –

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