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Dungeons & Dragons is a Tabletop RPG (role play game) that focuses on storytelling… with dice! Everything in the game is the players decision, from what they look like, to how they act, to what happens next. Players form an adventuring party who together, explore fantasy worlds as they embark on epic quests and advance their levels in experience. Here is ashort 5 minute video explaining the game. The Dungeon Master (also known as the DM or in our caseBenWarner) is the game’s referee and storyteller.Our D&Dsocial groups are for participants ofALL ABILITIESand will be targeted to different age groups.

D&D Social Groups are located on site in our Liverpool Office and will be held over an 8 – 10-week block.

Our Seasonal groups run for 10 weeks and costs $300 – NDIS funds can be used under:Group & Centre Based Activities / Community Engagement Assistance