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224 Barry Parade, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006, Australia

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In the Rocksports community, we see climbing as more than just a physical pursuit. It offers a myriad of mental and emotional challenges, forming an ideal platform to nurture vital life skills in children. Our age-appropriate, step-by-step program is tailored to accommodate kids of all abilities, placing emphasis on cultivating problem-solving skills, fostering independence, instilling discipline, encouraging teamwork, and bolstering character growth.

To ensure learning remains an enjoyable process, our activities are game-centric, and our seasoned coaches are committed to fostering the development of climbing skills in youngsters. Irrespective of whether your child is a novice or has prior experience, our coaching sessions offer a lively, engaging way to delve into the sport, acquire new abilities, and expend energy in a positive manner.

Our coaching sessions are convened weekly and are steered by dedicated coaches who themselves are seasoned climbers. While we don’t mandate participation in competitive events, we view it as a valuable opportunity for further mental and physical growth, should the young climbers choose to participate.

Recognising that intense training can be overwhelming for some children, our coaching sessions do not incorporate the strenuous physical training associated with our Team Rocksports program. Our focus instead lies in creating a positive, fun-filled experience that enables young climbers to learn and grow in a nurturing environment.

At Rocksports, we advocate climbing as an engaging method for children to develop essential life skills while having an absolute blast. So, why not grant your child the opportunity to venture into something new and exhilarating. Enrol in our coaching sessions and watch your child transform into a confident, skilled climber.

Our weekly junior classes are run for ages 5-18 and is $275 per term.

Open sessions also available all throughout the week for all ages – Your entry fee is for a day pass which means pay for your entry and climb all day. If you want to have a break and grab some lunch that’s no problem, just come back when you are ready and carry on climbing.