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28 Rodborough Rd, Frenchs Forest NSW 2086, Australia

Everything you need to know

Avenue is not your typical disability day program.
At the heart of Avenue Work are work teams that support people with disability to engage in meaningful work tasks.

Avenue participants with similar interests are grouped together and assisted by a team of passionate support workers. Any revenue generated is then shared equally amongst all participants. Our teams include order fulfilment, animals, flyers, hub management and markets.

Avenue Animals:

The Avenue Animals team access the economy through online platforms such as Mad Paws and in the localcommunity to earn an income.

This includes services such as taking a dog for a middaywalk, or dropping by to feed a cat while theirowner is away. Some locations also have the opportunity to take care of animals within the office for the day!

The team have a series of pet care tasks booked in each week, whether they are caring for a pet in the office, visiting someone’s home or taking a dog to the park.

Other group activities may includeresearching animal care and going outon supported trips to shelters andinformation centres.

Avenue Entrepreneurs:

The creative and enterprising Avenue Entrepreneurs team are supported to develop and grow their own business ideas.

Participants are then supported to market their products or service via their own website or other marketing materials such as flyers. There is also opportunity for those who produce products to sell them via the Avenue online store or the Avenue Markets team.

Participants are supported to master their entrepreneurial plan! Their days include things such as researching new ideas for products, checking their online store or posting to their brand social media pages. Entrepreneurs who have produced products are supported to check stock, whether that be on their own online store or with the Avenue Markets team.

Avenue Order Fulfilment:

In a mutually beneficial relationship, our Avenue Order Fulfilment team complete the online orders and manage stock levels of Avenue’s retail partners, usually small-scale social businesses who are growing their online sales and presence.

This team have an interest in product sales and take part in tasks such as stocktake, packing online orders and organising delivery.

The Order Fulfilment team will start their day by logging in to check whether their fulfilment partners have received any online orders. They will then run through a checklist of finding the correct product, packing it for delivery and marking inventory to keep track of stock.

The team will also research other brands online who we can contact as a possible new order fulfilment partner.

Avenue Markets:

Responsible for curating a range of ethical fair-trade products from marginalised artisans around the world, our Avenue Markets team sell them online and at community markets.

This team have an interest in learning about sales, online and in-store marketing, building relationships and small business operations. Avenue Markets also work to help Avenue Entrepreneurs sell their products.

On days following selling at a local market, the team start their day with a post-market stocktake, developing team building and money skills.

On other days, the team research ethical brands and source new products from around the world to sell. They also work together to create social media posts and product photoshoots to promote their business.

Avenue Hub Management:

Providing a range of support services, our Avenue Hub Management team keep the coworking space running smoothly and professionally. For example, participants order stationery, produce the in-house newsletter and manage the front desk.

The Hub Management team have an interest in learning how an office runs day-to-day.

The Hub Management team are in charge of all things Avenue! Their morning can start with anything from taking around an order sheet for the coffee orders, to ensuring everyone has the equipment they need to start the day.

Avenue Gigs:

Utilising online work platforms such as Airtasker, our Avenue Gigs team find jobs and tasks which match individual skills and interests to access the economy in the wider community.

The Avenue Gigs team also look to practice their marketing skills, allowing them to learn how to pitch their work online and develop repeat customers in the community.

Participants are supported to research advertised tasks using online platforms, choosing ones which suit both their skill set and individual interests. This can include tasks such as assembling furniture, delivering an item from one location to another or doing gardening work.

Alongside this, the team learn techniques to develop repeat customers, including creating marketing materials such as flyers and business cards.

& Avenue Flyers:

Working for local businesses in the community and large corporates, our Avenue Flyers team provide letterbox drops to the community.

The Flyers team also look to practice their marketing skills, allowing them to learn how to pitch their work to local businesses, as well as learning the skills involved in developing repeat customers.

The team start their day byplanning the flyer distribution jobs for the day, scheduling the time and planning the route to take to complete the job.

Other activities include reporting and invoicing of completed jobs, researching new businesses to pitch our service, and writing emails to follow up previous customers to develop repeat business.

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