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Everything you need to know

With support from our Book Club Facilitator, our AV Book Club meets every second month throughout the year to discuss, analyse, and exchange perspectives on a range of novels.

To allow our members to join the discussion from the comfort of their favourite reading chair, we are currently meeting online via Zoom.

What kind of books do we read?

To determine the reading list for the year,members vote from a shortlist of novels at the end of each year. The list is compiled from various sources and includes books:

  • by openly autistic authors (#ActuallyAutistic, #OwnVoices)
  • from the CAE Book Groups Catalogue
  • fromliterary awardshort and long lists e.g., Stella, Miles Franklin, Hugo, Nebula
    (auto)biographies about people who are or may be autistic
  • from members’ recommendations

What kind of things do we discuss?

We explore variousperspectiveson life, using the authors’ perspective and experience and the settings of their work to provide a springboard for discussion about various cultures, eras,genders,and life experiences. Our Book Club Facilitator has shared this onlineBook Club Discussion Prompts listto whet your appetite for ways to think and talk about each of our novels. We often use this list as a loose scaffold for our discussions. As they’re generic questions, we also consider the author’s and our own autism and how it may have sculpted the novel.

How can I find the book for the next meeting?

Our Book Club Facilitator has put together the 2023 reading list which includes the details of upcoming books and how and where to find them. Most books are available via a range of in person book stores as well as various online sources for both print and e-readers. Some books may be more difficult to source, so if you are interested in reading a particular book, we recommend finding a copy well in advance of the book club meeting date to allow you time to find it and enjoy it at your pace and in your preferred format.

How can I register for the next group meeting, and which book will be discussed?

Please click the ‘find out more’ button below which will lead you to our website to register

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