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64 Delamere Ave, Currambine WA 6028, Australia

Everything you need to know

Who Can attend?
– Autistic young people aged between 10 to 13.
– Autistic young people who know they are Autistic.
– Self identified or formally identified Autistic young people.
– A support person for the Autistic young person is welcome to attend if they would like (e.g. caregiver, mum or dad, sibling, family member, support worker) – prior notice is required so other attendees know what to expect.

– Currambine Community Centre – 64 Delamere Ave, Currambine WA 6028, Meeting room.
Date and Time:
– 10 am – 11.15am.
– Tuesday mornings on the 2nd and 9th of July 2024.

– $55 per session.
– Can be paid by cash, card or invoice.
– You can pay privately, or with your child’s NDIS plan if their -Capacity building” budget is “self managed” or -plan managed”.
– After each session an invoice will be emailed to you (or your plan manager).

What will it involve?
– Hanging out with other Autistic kids in an environment which is respectful to preferences in how each person chooses to engage (no pressure to socialise, respecting each other’s communication preferences, and accessing sensory tools as needed).
– Choice to draw, colour in, paint (water colours or acyclic paint), or make a poster – all materials provided.
– Choice to make art using the neurodivergent symbol (rainbow infinity symbol), making a picture of your rainbow brain, or anything around special interests.

Why am I offering this?
– I love art and know lots of Autistic kids who love art too. Doing art when I was young helped me regulate and express myself.
– It’s important for Autistic kids to hang out with other Autistic kids who “get it” in an accommodating environment so they can explore their identity and learn about being a part of the Autistic community.

Is this Art therapy?
– This is NOT art therapy directed by an art therapist! It IS just using the incidental therapeutic benefit of art as a form of expression.

What will my Autistic young person get out of this group? What are the benefits?
– Self Expression and Emotional Regulation – Engaging in art allows for creative expression to explore identity, explore emotions, and develop healthy coping mechanisms.
– Sense of Belonging – This will be a space where Autistic kids can connect with others who understand their experiences. Building relationships with peers who “get it” fosters a sense of belonging and acceptance within the Autistic community.
– Validation and Empowerment – Sharing experiences and creating art together will validate identities and empower them to embrace neurodiversity proudly.
– Chance to socialise in an accommodating setting – While there will be no pressure to socialise, some may find this low pressure environment and chance for parallel play as an easier way to make connections.
– Peer support.
– Chance for creative expression – exploring art mediums may spark new interests or grow existing passions. Art can be a lifelong journey and emotional regulation tool.

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