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54 Power Ave, Ashwood VIC 3147, Australia

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Our Adults Peer Support Group is for older members of the Aspergers autistic community and those with other similar neurodivergent profiles.

It is more suitable for those who are aged 35 years and over, although younger adults are welcome to join in.

Sharing experiences within the safe environment of our peer support groups can be a lifeline, and sharing with people who have similar lived experience is validating and often educational.

Each month, the discussion focuses on a particular topic of interest to the group, and we also plan additional activities when we can run these in-person.

As this is a parent/carer-free zone, we invite any parents or carers to attend our separate Parents & Carers Peer Support Groups.

Our Adults Group meets on the third Thursday of each month.

Please click the ‘find out more’ button to visit the AV website for upcoming dates and registration details.

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