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Suitable for ages

13-17, 18-24 years

Autism Friendly

Disability (all) provider

Support Provided

Check with provider

Sensory Considerations

  • May be some noise
  • May be some artificial lights
  • May be some contact with others

This event is held indoors


403 Newbridge Rd, Moorebank NSW 2170, Australia

Everything you need to know

All-boys dance classes create an inclusive and supportive environment where young male dancers can explore their passion for movement. These classes not only offer technical training in various dance styles but also break down stereotypes, challenging the notion that dance is exclusively for girls. Boys benefit from the camaraderie, boost in self-confidence, and the chance to express themselves artistically while embracing the joy of dance in a setting tailored to their unique experiences and aspirations.

These classes are run on Thursday afternoons at Moorebank with Miss Vanessa.